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Meeting Title Location Address Day Time Fellowship
Living Room Living Room 564 Mountain Ranch Road
San Andreas, California 95249-9782
TUESDAY 2:30 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Big Horn Mobile Park Big Horn Mobile Park 314 South Main Street
Angeles Camp, CA 95249
SATURDAY 6:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Copper Group Copper Group 920 Blackcreek Dr
Copperopolis, 95228
WEDNESDAY 2:30 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
Community Covenant Church Community Covenant Church 261 Treat Avenue
San Andreas, California 95249
SUNDAY 7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Friends in Sobriety Friends in Sobriety 8049 Washington St
Mountain Ranch, 95249
WEDNESDAY 2:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
Easy Does It Group Easy Does It Group 162 Church Hill Rd
San Andreas, 95249
TUESDAY 2:30 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
San Andreas Apartments San Andreas Apartments 441 East Saint Charles Street
San Andreas, California 95249-9659
WEDNESDAY 1:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
San Andreas G.A. 271 Pine Street 271 Pine Street
San Andreas, CA, CA 95249
SUNDAY 6:00 PM Gamblers Anonymous
K.I. S.S. K.I. S.S. 414 Oak St
San Andreas, 95249
MONDAY 2:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church 414 Oak Place
San Andreas, California 95249
THURSDAY 1:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Assembly Of God Church Assembly Of God Church 387 Russells Road
San Andreas, California 95222
SATURDAY 7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Jamestown Discussion Group Jamestown Discussion Group Main St.
Jamestown, 95327
MONDAY 8:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
Men's Stag Men's Stag 326 W Stockton St,
Sonora, 95370
THURSDAY 2:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
11th Step Meditation Sol y Breath 14709 Mono Way
Sonora, 95370
FRIDAY 7:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
Friendship Group Friendship Group 9 N Washington St
Sonora, 95370
SUNDAY 8:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
ESH Group ESH Group 9 N Washington St.
Sonora, 95370
TUESDAY 7:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
Woman In Recovery Woman In Recovery Lutheran Church
MONDAY 2:30 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
Drop in Center Drop in Center 347 Jackson Street
Sonora, California 95370
MONDAY 7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
The Other Jamestowm Meeting The Other Jamestowm Meeting Family Resource Center 7th St
Jamestown, 95327
SUNDAY unknown Alcoholics Anonymous
The Other Jamestowm Meeting The Other Jamestowm Meeting Family Resource Center 7th St
Jamestown, 95327
TUESDAY 2:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
Sonora G.A. Sonora Senior Center 540 Greenley Avenue
Sonora, CA, CA 95370
SUNDAY 6:00 PM Gamblers Anonymous
Regional Medical Center Regional Medical Center 900 Greenley Road
Sonora, California 95370
SUNDAY 6:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Zen for Sober Living Unitarian Universalist Fellowship House 19518 Hess Avenue
Sonora, CA 95370
SUNDAY 6:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
The Journey Church The Journey Church 14425 Mono Way
Sonora, California 95370-2809
FRIDAY 7:30 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Motherlode Group Sonora Mother Lode Group 19421 Village Dr.
Sonora, 95370
FRIDAY 8:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous
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